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Varsaigen (Storm Dragon)[edit]

Varsaigen’s fursona is that of a blue storm dragon. He controls the natural elements of water, fire, lighting, and earth, wind, and thanks to his symbiotic relationship with his dark side, the shadows. Generally nice in nature, he is not to be messed with. He controls the natural elements and prefers to be left alone in his underground fortress. He collects various crystals, which he places within his sanctuary, the one spot in the world where life flourishes and he is able to connect with nature perfectly. His sanctuary allows him to heal quickly from fights, but if used too often, can lead to magic addiction. He remains alone in his domain, Shakuras. His titles include Lord of Shakuras, and Storm Lord.

Hellion (The evil counterpart)[edit]

Hellion is Varsaigen’s alternate mind and form. A completely different dragon, yet an alternate reality version of Varsaigen, Hellion acts as his dark side. When made extremely angry, Varsaigen often turns into Hellion, resulting in massive amounts of death and damage. Hellion is a black dragon with many spikes and tendrils. He has four red eyes, whereas Varsaigen only has two yellow ones. He is a Void Lord (Master of a dimension in the Void) and the master of the raw elements. (pure water, the essence of fire, and liquid energy being notable.) Although the two share Varsaigen’s body, Hellion, upon being released, is about the size of the Pentagon, and the height of the Empire State Building (3 times the size of Varsaigen). It is unknown what his past was like, and who his relatives are. Hellion physically resides in Hellsbane Fortress, within his large domain. His titles include Void Lord, and other currently unknown titles. His most notable enemy/prey is a “hard to stay down” necromancer by the name of Darkiron, bent on World Domination.

Favorite quote: Tremble Mortals and despair! Doom has come to this world! (says this at times when he feels so destructive and has found he enemy.)

It often ends up appearing as if Hellion is helping the world by not claiming it for himself, but destroying the one trying to take it. In truth, he could care less about the world his host lives on. The only thing that keeps him from claiming it or destroying it, is his friendliness to fellow dragons of any kind, and the want for them to have a good life as well. Because of this, Hellion has been perceived at times as "not evil". He then quickly clears any doubt of his good nature with his destruction of entire nations within a day.

Varsaigen, Hellion, and their respective titles, powers, and empires are copyright of varsaigen himself.