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Valkyr Diamond (Or simply "Diamond"); born August 20th, 1988) is a furry who lives in Portsmouth in the United Kingdom. His fursona is a white Pegasus. He is a writer, his work including "Valkyrie-Pegasus" has been published on Fur Affinity. His real name is Stefan.

The Legend of Erika[edit]

Valkyr Diamond originally started before Diamond joined the fandom in 2004. He originally concieved the idea when he was in school to help create escapism from his abusive upbringing. Diamond created the series which was first introduced the idea on a series of small forums which evolved into short stories. His earliest from 2004-2005 involved the tales of a world called Terra (named such for its resemblance to Earth despite having no human life and being inhabited by anthromorphic creatures). Terra was an advanced civilisation that had obtained space travel and were able to travel beyond the stars to expand their territory. The short-stories invovled an Echidna called Leviticus that commanded a starship called the Erika. The stories continued to explain links between Terran and Human mythology (mainly norse). The reception amongst a few fans were good and the series was recieved well on the small forums which they developed from.


In late 2006, after taking a break from the series for a while, Diamond sought to revitalise it by explaining the next generation of characters from the planet Terra in the far distant Altia Galaxy. Now featuring the more advanced starship "Valkyrie" captained by Leviticus's daughter, Kestra Valentine the series was widely accepted and praised as it recieved a larger internet based audience. The series ran from 2006 until the end with On The Brink of Nothing which ended with a climatic battle ontop of Yggdrasil, the Universe Tree in late 2008 which resulted in the restoration of Terra (after its destruction in an earlier work) and the erasure of all technology and celestial knowledge from Terra by the Asgard (The race of ascended beings that acted under the false catagory of "Gods").

Valkyrie - Pegasus[edit]

In mid 2008, after the success that Valkyrie had earned him within the forums that he socialised on, Diamond considered his next big venture which would be an attempt to write a complete novel starting within a new era where Terra had lost its interstellar empire and was reduced to an industrial state. The story featured a new protagonist, a pegasus called Diamond Dust who worked as a cyptologist for a large corperation. The series is yet to recieve feedback as it has only recently been finished.

Furry Fandom[edit]

Diamond joined the Furry Fandom in May 2008. Originally he continued to be active on the UKFur Forum and eventually went to his first meet in June. He has continued to go to London Furmeets with his trademark black mini-skirt and has several friends in and around the London area. He is also one of the main organisers for HantsFur Meets in Portsmouth, while he attends university there.

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