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Ushuaia was born in Upstate NY in 1980 and graduated Oswego University in 2005; he loves chess, writing poetry, fossil and mineral collecting, crafting, watching anime, raising sugar gliders, and raves. Ushuaia become a member of the furry fandom officially February 2011, but began his awakening after seeing the movie "The Golden Compass".

Ushuaia's beliefs can be best summed up in his signature:

Every beast shares a spirit with a human and our souls are linked. We go through our lives and our counterpart shares in the pains and joys of each others decision. Fate works and feeds off the energies of the other. Upon our deaths we change in form and spirit. Our guardians bay the forces of this world and protect us from unseen dangers. Fated never to meet. One must be in spirit and the other in flesh. We continually are reborn into the other. A cycle of death and rebirth that gives us strength. Forever connected and forever apart. With time and patience the human form can see through the eyes of his spirit and peer into the depths of the vast expanse.