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UrbanVixen / Foxydragon[edit]

A furry artist best known, at the time of writing, for works on transfur and deviantart, urbanvixen has been a member of the furry community since 2004.

Her furry avatar is presented as a mix between a scraggly urban fox, a furry dragon and a garou. The artist seldom presents her furry form in the same way twice, using it as a representation of herself at any given time.

Formerly known as 'silent raven' and subsequently 'lil raven', the artist avoided applying her furry 'species' to her artistic title until recently. She is known personally as 'foxydragon' - using urbanvixen for her artistic works.

Urbanvixen in dragon form:File:Http:// Ah m getting up by Silent raven.jpg

Representing furries in the UK[edit]

Within the UK and specifically within the Extreme Sports Circuit, the artist is well known for wearing her fox tail during Qualifying run for Eastbourne World Cup 2008 (sadly, no photographs were taken) for the downhill skateboard race. She placed 3rd in the women's finals, now ranking 18th internationally. Her current full-face helmet is painted to look like a fox's head.

In the UK, urbanvixen is also known for attending and performing at a variety of Circus Conventions (including the British Juggling Convention) while wearing her ears and tail. She specialises in contact juggling and advanced hooping.

Urbanvixen co-hosted a number of shows for the local furry radio show, Tiger Tails.

Other Projects[edit]

Urbanvixen is currently working on several full-body werewolf suits built up around Power-Rizers.


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