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Contact Info[edit]

AIM: Silverulv
Y!: Silverulv

Biography and info[edit]


I am an eighteen year old fur; my name's Chris, and I live in a shitty hellhole called Mo i Rana, in Norway. I'm not your average fur; a bit different, with my many, many flaws and few virtues, and don't try to convince me otherwise.

Right now I'm working on Fell in love with a bad idea, a story where the main character is mostly a reflection of me; some parts are exaggerated, others are just fragments of me, but if you want a slight idea of who I am, just read about James' actions and such.

My life's a tragedy, so we shan't indulge ourselves in that.

English isn't my main language, but I'm proud to say(a rare thing, coming from my maw) that it easily surpasses a lot of the other English-speaking people and furs out there. While my story might have some glitchy grammar or downright fatal errors, I'm working on it casually and I honestly don't understand how it has become this long yet. My first work here, His Knight in Shining Armour, is over two years old, and I'm sorry to say that there are no sequels planned.

In regards of my species, I'm a shapeshifter. My current form is that of an otter, although I am sometimes known to be a wolf, panda or a dragon, dependent on mood and the likes.

In regards of matehood...I'm not sure what to say there. It's a complex situation that involves a fur I love dearly in Australia, but I'm free in real life. However, if I'm willing to meet somebody else sans him is something I'm insecure of, and unless you really find a way to charm me(good luck), I most likely won't be abandoning him any time soon.

Other than that...feel free to e-mail me at My MSN is, I also have Yahoo and AIM, also Silverulv, and remember to remove the .anti spam. part of the email if you choose to contact me.

Otherwise...well, I hope you still want to read my stories after that long rumble. *chuckles* I can talk a whole lot...although if you do choose to contact me, don't expect me to be all that talkative to begin with.

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