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Tyrant is a Kangun Drodante. (Kangun for short.)

Kanguns are an original species made by Tyrannical, the same person who made Tyrant.

Tyrant's Appearance[edit]

Tyrant is white, with a grey stomach, black horns, a dark blue nose ring (like a white tailed deer,) dark blue v and rectangular shaped markings, and a standard mammals inside mouth (shades of indigo.)

Their diets[edit]

Kanguns are omnivorous; but tend to eat meat or plants more.

Kanguns are a closed species[edit]

Although I may go into detail about the species, they are not allowed to be created or traded without my permission.

Info on the Species[edit]

Kanguns are a mixture between dragons and kangaroos, but are referred to as dragons. The defined features of Kanguns include their long backwards pointed ears (think of dutch angel dragons,)long medium sized tails, wings, claws (pawpads sometimes) and pair of horns on their foreheads. They all fly and normally breath elements such as fire, ice, water, electricity, water, ect. Although some of these dragons may choose to transform/have a "second" form, Kanguns (in their original dragon state) are strictly Kangaroo + Dragon. No hybrids here unless approved by the creator. On the other hand dragons in their "other" form CAN be hybrids.

Please, Don't Copy[edit]

This may be common sense but it is very important to address this subject. Obviously enough, the name "Tyrant" is not permitted to be used as a name for an oc in this specific species, but Ty, and Tyro are fine because they are abbreviations and not entirely the same thing.

Also please try not to copy others designs. Its one thing to work off of a design but is another to make a carbon copy and claim it as your own. This is stealing, which is not okay.

Links to Tyranants accounts[edit]

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