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"Depression" By TwilightShadow
Welcome to my user page.

If you came here by mistake, then that is your problem.

My name? TwilightShadow, a wolf with a silver-blue coat.
I walk through the shadows of night as I wait to be reunited with my dearest companion.
When it exactly was that I truly discovered who I am, I cannot say, though to the best of my knowledge, the year was 2008.

Concerning Myself[edit]

I consider myself a lifestyler and I am a Christian who believes that other Christians out there should stop being so cynical of the fandom. I do a little artwork in my spare time (which isn't much). Also, due to my partial colorblindness, I work almost only in graphite pencil. I usually edit WikiFur for grammer and consistency, and attempt to keep time sensitive information up to date. Oh yea, and I hunt out dead external links and eviscarate them imediately! Or at least after cheking them to be sure that they can be deleted.

My name is TwilightShadow, though in the many tubes of the internet, I go by TwilightShadow1 only because it is never taken (Except in one case with some Japanese guy on YouTube). I can be found on RuneScape and Playstation Network as monkey525467 (an unfortunate name back from when I used to play on Neopets). If, for some reason, you want to contact me through one of these mediums, I would advise against it. If you still want to contact me, say that you found me on here, otherwise I will ignore any contact. And yes, by now I am sure that you can tell that I am a lone wolf.