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See the article about TwilightPhoenix. WikiFur User

This'll likely be the shortest and most informal of all my user pages on a Wiki, since I don't expect to be spending much time here at all. Normally I write them like any other article, but I don't intend to be here more than checking a single article occasionally. So, if you want to know more about my editing and such, look at my Wikipedia userpage and My EVN Wiki user page.

Anyways, real brief bit revelant to this wiki. I'd consider myself a light fur, given I write about/roleplaying furry characters, play Starfox, and furry art is more likely to catch my idea. I don't fursuit, make animal noises, go to conventions, participate in the furry community, have a fursona (or personal furry, based on the article's definition), etc. As for my writings, some of them include furry characters, others do not. And no, I don't write yiff, so don't even ask. Most of my works can be found on *Elfwood, minus two pieces of Warcraft fan fiction I wrote back before the universe got butchered. If you're looking for stories that have furs in them, try The Mind is a Lethal Weapon, Blitzball, Its Not a Game, Its a Lifestyle, A Fate Worse Than Death, The Legend of Taur, V-I Day, The Beginning of the End, Fated Destiny, and Private: First Class. Just to warn you, some of those pieces are old and do not reflect my current writing ability or style.

Also worth mentioning, I'm working on a novel, which I am calling Tigerheart (bolded because there's no underline code).

To do[edit]

  • Patrol my article and try to keep it from sounding vain.
  • Patrol Nephilim and try to improve it.
  • Sooner or later write an article on the Slithzerikai.