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tubecritic999 (now, Danny Stone) is a furry from the united kingdom. And has no idea how to use a wiki.

Fursona information:

Fursona species: Bat Build: Toned Fur pattern: All gray Hair: Medium-long, blue, curled up at the ends Eyes: Blue Height: Tall. Distuingishing Characteristics: Large, long heavy, very impractical tail. Wings attached to back, instead of merged with arms. Personality: Multifaceted, but also very non-judgemental. Has an intense hatred of discrimination of any kind, and likes to hear both sides of a story. Also feels strange constant feeling of disembodiment. (this reflects Danny Stone's real life personality, yep, even the part about disembodiment.) Hates: Trolling, Hacking, Discrimination. (this also reflects Danny Stone's real life personality) Likes: 2 the ranting gryphon, social networking sites, excercise, food, films, wii games. (This too.)

he always felt a connection to animals. he joined the fandom in 2008. at first tubecritic999 kept it secret due to the less respectable aspects of the fandom, but gradually opened up. he made announcements of his furrydom at his myspace and youtube (which are under the same name.). eventually he got a deviantart account and started uploading furry art work to it (again under the same name.). later he would upload a short story. since joining the furry fandom he has decided to upload youtube videos, to become a more active member of the furry community. recently his youtube account has grown significantly in popularity.

He plans to go to a furry convention as soon as possible. he would consider building a partial fursuit for the occasion or just for fun.

Although he does enjoy yiffy art, he used to try to avoid it, not only to avoid the stereotype, but because he used to believe it probably wasn't good for him. in either case he used to prefer humans to furries. However now, the opposite is true he views yiffy artwork (which is not a secret to most people ( you try telling your parents that you would like to fuck a two-legged cartoon fox, Ok? ), and even prefers furries to normal humans. He particularly likes Krystal from the starfox games. He also finds it difficult from stopping this from interfering with his daily life, reactions range from harmless joking, to extreme persecution, however he believes it's better for people to hear about it from him, then for it becoming a stupid rumour.

He has always hated trolls. One of his enemy's that he has known, irl, for three years, hacked his friend Wolfee Darkfang's youtube account, however Danny Stone only found out about this recently. The hacker and Wolfee live several thousand miles away. Many people have agreed irl that the hacker is a 'prick', and that he honestly believes he's a satirical genius, all of these people having known him longer than Danny Stone.

He currently resides in the county of cheshire, england. where he lives with his two cats, dog and three hamsters (most of these pets are family pets.). furry does not get in the way of his normal life usually, however he does have a habit of going on about it a bit too much, which can be annoying for his family. his friends dont mind mind it that much (but they don't have to live with him!) Recently his friends have shown more interest in it, and he enjoys educating them on the subject, one of his rl friends has even joined the fandom.

His deviantart account is much more active than both his youtube and myspace accounts. although the total pageviews for his deviantart are much, much less. he regularly updates his journal, and submits new deviations, as he has way too much space in his school jotter coining his catchphrase "another wonderful waste of jotter space!" and his other catchphrase is "[hi/bi/etc] true believer..." his art is generally uncoloured because he is a lazy bastard. and his only coloured artwork (on deviantart) ever is "fursona redesign 1". it was coloured because he wanted to show the contrast, and the differences between his current and 1st fursona. he also has 1 short story.

his fursona is a bat with fur that he can consciously and unconsciously change between black, gray and white, with blue hair and eyes. his wings are not attached to his arms, but are on his back. his fursona also has a very long and heavy tail, which is easier to move than it looks. His catchphrases are "[hi/bi/etc] true believer... (however these have recently fallen out of use)", "another wonderful waste of jotter space!" and "good for you." He also greets his friend Wolfee Darkfang with "Hi Wolfee!" when on MSN.

Tubecritic999 has now changed his name to Danny Stone.

he finds wolfeedarkfang very inspiring, and also the song 'if everyone cared' by nickelback is a very inspiring video and recommends that you watch it.

He is also a mediocre furry artist, who mainly draws lineart, as colouring using GIMP takes too long, although he uses a lot of medium for his artwork, and occasionaly using photo-manipulation, to create a picture of his friend Wolfee Darkfang, literally using a picture of a wolf, and then colouring it using GIMP.