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hi, true believer...

in case you wanna know more about me, then simply look up my myspace furaffinity youtube deviantart wikipedia

all under the same name: tubecritic999

and now my short story

The Secret. By tubecritic999

Chapter 1

“Hey, no semis allowed!” He shoved them out into the streets, it began to rain. “Damnit, that’s the fifth club we’ve been kicked out of today!” said Sami the long haired vixen. Dan sighed “I don’t know why you insist on keeping in furry form, where’s all those mental tricks that your supposed to have?” “It’s not my fault that I’m proud, why should I have to hide my heritage!” shouted Sami, starting to growl. “Yeah, well why should we have to put up with this! Damnit all to hell, your with me on this, aren’t you Saf?” Saf just looked the other way. She knew not to get involved, they get enough abuse at college, for being with a semi-human and she wasn’t going to help broadcast that fact in a bad neighbourhood in the middle of the night. Warren decided to get in between them, “Hey guys, chillz will ya, lets just go back to the flat, have a pizza and watch all those films downloaded of the net?” Dan sighed ‘I’m being an asshole, I should apologise, it must be harder for her.’ They headed back to the flat, but as they walked up, Sami gave Warren a hard stare, which made him feel decidedly nervous ‘Does she know?’

Chapter 2

The four roommates soon fell asleep on the sofa, they were knackered. Sami woke Warren up, “Follow me into the kitchen, we have to talk.” “lemme sleep, man.” “now.” Warren woke up and went into the kitchen, “what do you need to talk about?” he said tiredly. “I know your secret, you’re a chilla.” Suddenly Warren was wide awake, he waited a minute that felt like an hour going over the words in his head, making sure he heard them, and deciding what to say next. “No, I’m…” he sighed “O.K., since you’re the only person to break through my disguise, I guess I should reward you, man.” he let down his disguise, the huge ears became as clear as day, the tooth poking out of his mouth, his long tail. “You have a lot of earrings and peircings on one ear.” “it’s a chilla tradition, man, you should know this stuff, you’re a member of that paw pride thing.” “That’s besides the point! You shouldn’t have to hide like this you have the same roots as me, you’ve got the same blood running through your veins, the same fur everything, you should join me and we will fight the oppression!” “but, I don’t want to! Don’t you see! Things have been fine the way they are for millions of years!” “Yes, but they could be better!” “What makes you think there gonna get better!”

“ So, you’re a chilla,” Said the familiar but not oft heard voice of Saf. The other 2 roomies were in the hallway staring straight at them. “leave, Sam.” said Warren very seriously. “n-” “Now.” Sami tried to fight back the tears, but it was difficult and they came through anyway, as she reached for the door, It turned into anger. She didn’t even turn around, she just said “You will regret this,” she said as she twisted the doorknob, and left, Warren looked at the doorknob it was bent beyond all recognition, Warren closed his eyes a tear rolled down one of them, it left a stain.

Chapter 3

The next day at college, Saf, Dan and Warren were chatting outside near the tree. Suddenly Sami appeared behind them, “That’s a tear stain, isn’t it?” “It won’t come off.” it felt like it was burning him. “Your weak!” Suddenly an egg hit Sami, “Yeah take that you bitch.” said Max, the resident dickhead. “Why don’t you fight this?” Another egg hit Warren “You too, ya chilla bastard.” “that’s why.” Sami walked away angrily. “How do they-” “I was drunk!” Said Dan. Saf nodded and began to walk over to Max, “Don’t do it!” Before Max could turn round Saf punched him in the face, knocking him out stone cold. She then walked back over to her friends grinning but trying to pull it back. “Wow!” Said everyone else simultaneously.

Chapter 4

After gym, the police suddenly walked in, “We would like you all to evacuate. There is a hostage situation going on in the isolated science block.” It felt like Warren’s heart filled with ice, as he followed the police, it was her.

She pulled the gun to Max’s head, only 2 bullets. “Please don’t kill me, I, I’m sorry, honest.” “I’m not going to kill you,” she said hitting him with the gun “Because this isn’t about revenge.” She stood up, “This is about exposing the truth.” “You, your one of us, you can do all the talking.” she said, pointing the gun at Amy the sweet frightened little mouse girl, “O.K.” she squeaked.

She walked out the front door, and read out loud a message that was on a sheet of paper. “I will be talking on behalf of the kidnapper who shall be referred to by her name of Sami. Failure to comply with demands will cause people to die.” She continued her face drenched in tears. “We demand a BBC news crew, transmitting live with no delay, and no censoring. If they are not here within 20 minutes someone will die, and from that point on…” “One person will die for every minute of delay.” She went inside.

A BBC news crew arrived almost immediately. And Amy was forced to read another message “No matter what you do, by 3:20 p.m. today, someone will die.” She looked up from the paper. “Sorry.” She walked in again, head hung in shame.

5 minutes later, she walked out again, with a third message “We require a camera that is filming and transmitting live to be placed 1 metre away from this building. Within 5 minutes.” She walked back in again.

Sure enough, they agreed, at least to buy some time, and the camera was placed exactly 1 metre away from the science block. Amy walked out to get it, and cried all the way, like she had been the whole time. Now on video screens across the world, Sami lifted the camera onto the table, so that the whole world could see. “All the ‘semi-humans’,” she spat, literally, “can leave.” Amy’s facial expression became very strange, she twitched, and then said with a strong voice “No, I will not leave them to die.” Sami, shot her in the nee “well now you have to go to hospital.” Amy was dragged out fighting by Stan the bear.

“You may be-, stay there human. Now you maybe wondering why I did this, why I’m DOING this, well if you’ve just joined us tonight in about 20 minutes someone is going to die. I’m doing this because of you, I’m showing you what you do to us, everyday. You KILL us, in cold blood, just because we look different, its not just skin colour, its that we have fur or scales, or feathers. Well there’s over 6.5 hundred thousand million of us, maybe even more, you can’t cage us up like animals forever. What I want is for you to watch this man die.” She pulled the gun to a random person.

Chapter 5

Warren was outside watching it all on T.V., and suddenly everything slowed down. He smiled, he knew what he had to do. He walked up the path to the science block. “Stop. Stop. Stop.” He heard the sound of guns being pulled. He opened the door and went inside.

“Stop this, Sam I know who you really want to die.” he said still smiling. “You don’t know anything!” “I know that,” he leaned in and whispered something in her ear. She gave him the gun. They kissed, and he pulled the gun to the back of her neck, and pulled the trigger. The BBC decided to turn off the cameras. A day later Amy committed suicide 2 days later Warren and Sami were buried side by side. And on the 3rd day 220,000 humans marched on parliament, forcing them to make semi-human protection a part of the governmental budget, And classifying them as 1st class citizens.

20 years later When looking through Warrens possessions a note was found, it was read in front of the united nations “We did some good.”