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Marshall(born on June 11th, 1989), A.K.A. Shall, Truemarshall, or Johnathan Eads, is an artist, writer, poet, and internet-lurker from Rawlins, Wyoming. His hobbies include video games, computer games, D&D, and anything furry-related.

He is planning to attend RMFC in August, which fill be his first fury convention.



Marshall's fursona is a deer with bird-like wings. In chats and roleplay, his character is a god-like figure or demigod. In more public or general chats and text-based games, he usually passes as a magical being who just doesnt know how to use any of his powers, but sometimes does.

He is planning to attend RMFC in August, which fill be his first fury convention.

Fursona Backstory[edit]

Marshall is known to be derived from a breed of super-stags, created from odd rituals, much like a spell-like version of gene splicing. Old magic was used to create these beings, created from the very earth, and the deceased bodies of different deer.

Deadly, ferocious... and powerful magic courses deep through their bodies. The super-stags went on a rampage through the worlds, starting a war with every creature they could get their claws on. Until, thankfully, a brave group of furs took a handful of the super-stag`s young. The furs attempted to civilize, and raise the super-stags. They grew, and became so, as was hoped for, but, for some odd reason, did not aquire the strength or magic that their brothers did. Save for one. For some reason, unknown to the overlooking group of furs, one super-stag named Binson did start to show a bit of stength; and in the following years his magic became stronger, he grew great violet wings, then became wise and good, unlike his siblings. The furs were very exited, and soon took him into their leader. The great Biion slaughtered the super-stags, and ruled for many years as the great protector of shame. That is, until he suddenly disappeared, many many years ago.

It is believed he had a son. Or, for some, a resurrection.

Marshall has had a troubled youth, but a good life altogether. He, like his father, was a good ruler, and kept the peace as well as he could. But, unlike him, he had much more... leeway, and enjoyment from life in the world of Shame. It was not until he was a late adult that he attained ruling over Shame, but even then, he was a bit too adventurous for his own good. Soon enough, he had to leave shame, and give the ruling to queen Cristal. He now adventures through the outside worlds, enjoying new adventures.


Marshall discovered the furry fandom when he was very young, but has had interests and hobbies linked to the fandom at an ever earlier age, such as an over-whelming affinity for stuffed animals and animal cartoons, countless days browsing the internet, etc.

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