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Trevalyn Shadowkatt by Acorndeer
Trevalyn Shadowkatt by Pan Cooperfox
Trevalyn is a blue shadow wolf/tigerhybrid ninja whose player is from Houston, Texas and real name is Blake Shaw. He is 6'0", with short brown hair, blue eyes, and paper white skin, very noteable and recognizable by his laugh. The tiger fur was born on Febuary 18, 1983 (24) and is an Aquarius.

Trevalyn is actually more known as Trevalyn Shadowkatt or just simply Trev to most of the furs he meets and befriends. Trevalyn Sleestak is his current Second Life username where he DJs for Rainbow Tiger Radio. Trevalyn is AKA DJ Shadowkatt, whose music can be found on[MySpace Music], acidplanet, and even downloadable on limewire.

Trevalyn also helped with the advertising and set up for the first and only Texas Furry Con in Austin, TX (2004), but due to complications with work, was unable to attend.

Trevalyn's Windows Live is and is also a user on [] with the username trevalyn.

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