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I am a artist and a fursuiter I mainly do traditional art by hand and am currently working on creating a furmeet in the UK in a town call Hull City fur the Hull Furries along with two others although the meets haven't started yet, We are only 12 in the group and only been about since November 2015 we wanted to do something for the people who can't get to the other furmeets nearby due to family and personal issues. We are hopiny to get our group bigger by visiting others and getting them to join us to occasionally as we have event ready to be planned we have however already enjoyed our first furbowl night out and plan on doing more hopefully with more furries too and that is including helping charities, furwalk, visiting other towns, even visiting zoo's and other Covention.

This is the link to our Facebook group page it is a open to the public to see what we do and also runner by 3 administrators everything the hull furries do ie pictures videos is placed in here for people to see.