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Torwin is a Border Collie Fursuiter. Born in Manchester, England, he grew up in Prince George B.C and Chemainus B.C. Currently living in Maple Ridge B.C.

Into the Furry Fandom Headfirst...

Found the Fandom online, was introduced to fursuits by Samwise Husky at a Lace's Birthday party. Saw the performance aspect and decided fursuiting was for him, after his many years in theater.

Went to first convention at Rainfurrest 2008 and has attended every year since.


Following his first convention, Torwin set about rebuilding VIFur (Vancouver Island Furs). Six Months later he had over 35 furs in attendance.

Torwin and Jessie at AFF 2009

The Dog House

In March 2009 Torwin moved to Surrey, Vancouver and acquired house. The House had 6 bedrooms and was quickly filled, and coincidentally, made up entirely of Canines, Sparking the nickname "The Dog House".

Torwin started seeing Jessie around this time, they had met before at a party, but only briefly they later ran into each other at Bowling, and hit it off, and the rest is history...

Fursuiting in Vancouver!

Torwin in the Spotlight

Torwin worked as an Actor and Extra in the Vancouver Film Industry where he's worked with many "Big Deal" Stars like Pierce Brosnan (Bond Movies), Rampage Jackson (UFC Fighter), Uma Thurman (Kill Bill), Liam Neeson (Star Wars), Zac Efron, Patton Oswalt, Brandon T. Jackson (Tropic Thunder), Bradley Cooper (District 9) etc. Keep an eye out in recent movies like: "Percy Jackson", "The A-Team", "Suckerpunch", The Life and Death of Charlie St Cloud to list a few. As well as T.V. shows like "Caprica", "Pretty Little Liars", "Life UnExpected" "Fringe", "Psyche" and "Smallville". Torwin also took part in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Closing Ceremonies, He proudly marched on in a full RCMP Uniform with Michael Buble singing their group on.

The Dog House Crew

Torwin and Ruggs founded the Doghouse Originally. They moved in Pennie-less and broke eating KD out of $1 Dogbowls and using they're wrenches as forks for several weeks. They had an old couch, an xbox and an LCD Projector to play it on the wall.

Sairys was the first to move in, followed shortly by Jack, Orion and Lemony.

Orion moved out less than a year later to live with his mate Hazel

Ember Fox moved in...that's when things got real interesting! The parties at that point were insane, someone put their head thru a wall at the last party of that particular house!

Within a year, they had outgrown the house, and didn't like the neighborhood, since everyone was working, they could afford to upgrade. The First House was in the Whalley area of Surrey. They moved to the much nicer area of Guildford and remained there for 2 and a half years.

Ruggs got called back to New Zealand for a business opportunity he had been working on in the past and had to move suddenly. Torwin took this very hard, at this point, they may as well have been brothers.

Haloth moved in to take Ruggs space and lived there for about a year before deciding it wasnt for him.

Frio and his Mate Sikkab moved in after that and the Crew remained until The Doghouse Closed.

The landlord decided to sell, so rather than move everyone (again) Torwin opted to split The Doghouse, so he could move closer to work and focus on his own life, rather than looking after everyone else.

4 Years and 2 houses later, Torwin closed the Doghouse, and the "Crew" went their separate ways.

Torwin and Jessie.T Wolf now reside in their own place in Maple Ridge, with "Jack" one of the original members of the Doghouse.

Torwin now has his own shop, where he spends his evenings and weekends, Jessie has a large fenced backyard for the Dogs

These days he spends his time working and fixing his Porsche on the side. He also takes care of the lighting and effects for Vancoufur and Howloween

In June 2013, Jessie came back from visiting her family in Toronto, and decided she missed her old life there and wanted to be closer to family.

Torwin and Jessie Separated shortly after, but remained living together while she saved funds for the move at the end of October.

Torwin Announced the reopening of The Doghouse August 2013

Novevember 2013 Siku Wolf will be the newest addition to The Doghouse Crew

Torwin and Bandit at a charity event!

Furry Conventions Attended

Rainfurrest 2008,

Howloween 2008

Howloween 2009

Howloween 2010 (Staff)

Howloween 2011 (Staff)

Howloween 2012 (Staff)

Further Confusion 2009

All Fur Fun 2009

Rainfurrest 2010 (Staff)

Rainfurrest 2011 (Staff)

Rainfurrest 2012 (Staff)

Rainfurrest 2013 (Staff)

Vancoufur 2012 (Staff)

Vancoufur 2013 (Staff)

He also has a Furaffinity Account

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