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Torry Edmund Ellis-Forscythe-Hishinuma-Mustil-Aesther-O'Connor, or in reality, Charles 'Charlie' Drew Derr III, is an eighteen-year-old guy from Many, LA, currently residing somewhere nearby. But he's not gonna tell you where, because you might be the asshole who wants to kill him that lives in the UK.

Currently unemployed and living in #!@#$!!#! !##!#$@!~$, he has big dreams to be a pizza chef, a novelist, and a radio DJ of his own furry radio show. Wait, why am I putting 'he' when I'm talking about MYSELF? I feel stupid now. ^.^'

So, (I) am currently mated to an Australian fox, Tayla O'Connor. 'Bout all there is to say about my real self, so check out my fursona's page, won't ya?

--Torry O'Connor 02:23, 23 July 2010 (UTC)