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Torran (Pronounced tor-ren) Fox (Born November 21st, 1979) is a traditional/furry artist who currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.


Torran is a medium-dark gray fox with black highlights, including a narrow scar mark over each eye. Also known as "the grey".

Artistic Achievements[edit]

He has been active in the art community since he was very young. As early as grade school, he won several artistic awards for his pencil and coloring work.

While attending college, he was awarded honors for a sidewalk art contest held at the Red Wing Technical College campus in Red Wing, MN.

Despite being a last minute entry, his art was featured in the AnthroCon 2009 conbook. The entry was entitled "Agent H" and featured a female gray fox portraying a Men In Black special agent with her small alien friend at her feet.

Professional career[edit]


Cons attended[edit]

Midwest Furfest (2007-2009) AnthroCon (2008) Furry Connection North (2009)