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Top_Dog Productions[edit]

Darren Smith (AKA TEDDY), citizen of the British Isles (currently living in Cornwall) and starter of Top_Dog Productions, doesn't like to be called a furry, he prefers to be to called a human that draws cartoon animals. He is particularly appalled at how the furry fandom as been over run by yiffy art work, and how people like himself who pride themselves in cleaner more G-rated artwork are pushed aside and don't get as much recognition as the ones that draw cartoon animals performing disturbing sexual acts. This aside, Darren has drawn things of an adult nature, but has tried to make them far more humorous than pornographic.

How It All Started[edit]

Top_dog Productions started in late February, when it was nothing more than some drawings and ideas in a folder labeled " Top Dog productions ". Despite popular belief, the name was not created through vainness, it came from one of Darren's earlier characters, Russel, a cartoon dog that sports a bow tie and TOP HAT, hence the TOP in 'top dog productions' he then became Top_Dog Production's mascot, and you'll see him most, along with many of the other characters spawned from Darren's very active imagination. Top_dog productions covers a lot of media, there's: Drawings, sketches, sculptures, designs, and even animations! It was originally just a name he gave his portfolio of work, that he'd show to business' hoping to land a deal some time as a graphics designer for shirts, logos, give aways and packaging. When Darren came across Fur, he was amazed at how cartoon animals were so loved and adored here (even if sometimes it was a bit extreme!) and saw this as a good opportunity to show case some of his work on a more global scale and receive more, better feedback from it, so he may improve for future projects. Here, Darren can share his love for cartoons and cartoon animals, and try and spread the word that cleaner artists need to be recognized for their work, as much as the yiff artists are recognized for theirs. Darren's artwork can be found: here -----> and here ------>

The cast that makes TD Productions[edit]

Characters are still in development, but here are some that have already been made:

Russel The main mascot of Top_Dog Productions, he's very distinguishable by his bow tie and top hat, and although you may think that by these, he's quite the gentleman, you are very wrong, in fact he's quite the opposite, he just likes top hats and bow ties. In comics and animations, he's usually the one that causes mischief, and ends up in trouble most. He does have a kinder side which can shine through, but don't put your money on it.His only main weakness is his obsession for the chocolate, Toblerone.

Skip Skip is a young pup, who is typically quite the hyper active pest, he looks up to Russel as his idol, and tends to mimic his actions quite a lot. He gets up to a lot of mischief, and like to pull pranks, and fire things out of the sky with his sling shot. he has a very big appetite, and tends to eat most things, except vegetables. Skip is usually on his own, either in his house or outside, you never get to see his parents, but they are there, somewhere.

Techno Techno is a desert fox, that came to england from the Nevada desert via a failed experiment. He's insanely intelligent and spends most of his time cooking up silly inventions that usually end in a nasty bang! When he's not experimenting on himself, or making random things, he's usually helping Russel with his schemes when need be.

more characters ARE in the making, so keep an eye out for more as they come in!

Do keep in mind, that TD Productions is still in it's early stages as, thanks to the internet, it has only just got off it's feet...errm....paws. Darren does hope you stick around and enjoy his artwork as much as he's enjoyed making it for you. He also hopes that you understand he had to write all of this in first person which was quite tricky. he hopes you've enjoyed it so far!