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Elf and Motorbelly--a webcomic about genetically-enhanced cats[edit]

Elf and Motorbelly are two genetically-enhanced cats rescued from an animal-testing lab by Frank. He lives with them in his house trailer and encourages them to develop their potentials and hides them from a world which would exploit them.


Unlike most anthropomorphic cartoon critters, we know why Elf and Motorbelly are unusually large and can speak--they're genetically-enhanced!

Other characters include Lola Kitty, Motorbelly's unrequited love interest; Sammy the Angry clam, who escaped from a clambake; and Larry, a non-genetically-enhanced cat rescued from a colony of trailer park strays.

"Elf and Motorbelly" was created to entertain and to help abandoned and exploited cats everywhere. Check it out at: