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The girl named Kelyn[edit]

She found herself drooling over furs/the furry community/FurryForums around august 2007. Since then she's changed many species and had obsessed over the fur community. She stopped posting for a little around winter 07' but then came back quickly, not wanting to leave the Forums behind.


For right now Kelyn has stuck to no other species but a rabbit. Its her favorite animal and wants to stick to it for a long while. In the future she may change species again, maybe once more.

Names Kelyn is known to go by[edit]

Kelyn has accumulated many nicknames over the years, but most prefer to call her Kel. Good close friends have the tendency to call her toodlebug, hint hint. Right now the names have halted to a stop and she tells people to call her Kelyn,Kel, or Kal for the time being.


Kelyn will be attending her second to last year of high school august 8th. Once done with FCHS she will be going onto college. She doesn't know which college just yet but would like to stay in georgia.

Health/living place[edit]

Kelyn lives in a small town in georgia called cumming. (don't laugh) She likes to joke with her friends and say the founder of cumming was either very drunk, or had sex issuses. She grew up in tucson Arizona, only to move to savannah. Once she was 10 her mother and her drove to orlando florida and lived in a small town called longwood for a good long while. She's been in cumming georgia for 2 years now and loves it. Moving onto health, she does have ADHD, her mother thinks Kelyn possibly has ADD too.

Other things to know[edit]

Kelyn has made many very special friends on the FurryForums and is glad she met them. Some of them are Shinzui, Tweak, Kurayami, and lastly Kid Jojo

Comments? questions?[edit]

Please PM Kelyn on the furryforums if you'd like to talk to her.