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Order of the Silver Dragons

Hybridization Laboratories

Subject: Tomias Hybrid ID: 454-UJZ Chimera Type: Drolf

Genetic Age: ~1 year Physiological Age: 23 years

Specimen Compilation: Modified Timber wolf (Fur color genetically altered to blue for trace), ‘Dragon’ (Reptilian specimen 208-ZYG base used), Human (Stock taken from subject T-47 used as base genetic template).

Status: Specimen 454-UJZ, hereafter referenced as ‘Tomias’, was designed with the intent of advanced military applications through bestial integration and enhancement. The process used to create subject has proven costly and beyond simple replication. Further study of process is required before application of the subject to a field test scenario can be pursued. Until further notice, development of alternate candidates has been ceased and active specimen is allowed to participate in lab functions.

Creation: The methods used in the creation of subject ‘Tomias’ are Class 2 Cloning technology and integration of Class 1 Runic Enhancement. All technology used must receive at least two (2) layers of Runic Enhancements focused on binding and restoration. Failure to fully enhance equipment will result in loss of specimens. Due to cost of the technology used and Runic Reagents required for enhancements this project has been halted until better technology or enhancements are made.

Personality: ‘Tomias’ exhibits an extremely goal oriented attitude and will pursue tasks to their full completion (As dictated by our design template the subject will comply and carry out all orders which do not endanger itself or fellow compatriots). Though lacking in strong leadership qualities ‘Tomias’ exhibits exceptional skills in solo endeavors and is capable of both leading and following orders within reasonable limits should no other authority be present.

Physical Characteristics: Approximate height measures six (6’) foot, two (2”) inches. Weight measured at approximately One-Hundred Eighty-Seven pounds (187 lbs). Fur color(s) are Blue (modified template base) and Silver (presumed from subject 208-ZYG sample). Aft of the ears two (2) horns are visible and appear to be bone growths which taper to pointed tips. Though distinctly Canid in appearance some aspects from 208-ZYG are present (as noted in the appearance of the horn like protrusions adorning the head) as well as some aspects of stock genetic template T-47 (notably hazel eye color).

Diet: Though subject can process all forms of edible substances which most humans thrive upon there is a distinct attachment to soda (likely due to sugar content). Subject is allowed free choice from facility cafeterias as for dietary consumption.

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