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Toddlergirl is a 30 year old female residing in the UK who hasn't a clue how any of this works, but because some of her friends are doing it she feels that she wants to jump on the bandwagon so that she can whatever stuff happens here. She is a babyfur artist who enjoys all aspects of drawing and tries harder and harder to improve to a standard that she is satisfied with.


  • Her primary fursona being Gem. An 18 month old squirrel who is very timid and quiet. Primary characteristics include only having one tooth, not being able to hold her tail in a stereotypical upright squirrel pose, being clumsy and carrying around a large plushie by the name of grub.
    Original character creation (sept 2010)
    Most recent version of Gem
  • Her secondary fursona is a pony based from the new my little pony friendship is magic series. Speckle is the same age as Gem but thats where the similarities end. Speckle is boisterous, outgoing, and a little bit crazy.

Toddlergirl Char Gem.png

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