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ToRo is the nickname and signature of anthro artist Tomas Rosales who resides presently in Florida. He is mostly recognized by his homo-erotic minotaurs, either drawn freehand, or created by Photoshop. He also does conjoined pieces involving Minotaurs, and Chimeras... as well as mecha/android anthros. He discovered the furry world in 1995 after purchasing his first computer, a Mac Performa 6205. He discovered he was not the only one with a Minotaur fantasy... and discovered the art of Gordon Spurlock. He attended AnthroCon in Albany and CF9 and met Paf Goodwin, Chris Sawyer, K-9, J Willard, RogMinotaur, Lionus, and many others.

His long time fur friend is Alex Rakune who resides in Framingham, Mass. and keeps up contact with his mentor, Gordon Spurlock. Currently his works are currently displayed on Fur Affinity and Deviant Art. This photo shows his only painting of his minotaur character, Nicodemus Minotaur. ( It portrays the artist as a minotaur... holding a red rose... which is a symbol for his last name. This painting was done in the summer of 1997.