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Tj orca was born (January 19th) In FL, Who is a Marine Furry that lives in Alexandria, Va.

His fursona is black white, typical colors as a normal Orca whale. Tj orca has been involved with the furry fandom for 14 years since he was 7 years old. Tj's life started in FL on his seventh birthday as he had a wild dream of swimming with the whales and being one as well. But he desided to be a cougar 12 year after he discovered that he wanted to change his fursona he deside to continue on as Killer whale.

Tj's current position is landscaping in VA he loves to work with nature and loves to learn about plants everyday. He hopes to continue his career as a landscaper and go to school in the future as a horticulturalist. Also looking into getting his second career in transportation.

He hasn't been to any cons yet due to money and economy problems but will be soon in the future. He has attended a couple furry meets in FL. In the past few years orca's life has been on and off traveling for years trying to find his perfect home. But orca has been settling in happy in VA.

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