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Timber Wulf

Timber Wulf,Very little is known about Timbers's origins, as he can only recall events occurring after his awakening from a coma in Animal Hospital. Despite intense curiosity about his past, Timber only recently began reaching out to the rest of the world, but is now forging through to life getting his self into Troble.


The A. f felicis sub-species of Red Panda varies only slightly from the other two sub-species, but these differences are sources of pride for Colt. Primarily, A. f felicis have larger ears than other Red Pandas; in Felix Colt's case, the ears are so large and heavy they are difficult to keep erect (in fact, Colt's right ear has an effectively permanent droop, and he must often brush them out of his eyes). They are extremely affectionate and playful, especially when meeting other furs, often requiring those around them to have above-average patience (although this may simply be Colt's compensation for a lost childhood). A. f felicis are also incredibly cute, and are largely aware of this fact, never shying away from an opportunity to profit from it; favoured rewards include physical contact (cuddling, hugging, scritching, rubbing, petting, etc.), adoration, food, and toys. There are other differences with the other sub-species, but these are not represented strongly enough in DNA to yet be considered more than Felix Colt's own biological variation. [edit] Personal Life

Felix Colt is believed to have been born during 30 October, 1985, likely in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. He currently resides in New Westminster, Canada and spends his free time involving himself in as much furry social networking as possible, along with his personal hobbies.