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Hi My name is tiggie friend, I am a fursuiter from bristol its now summer 2008 wich has been as crap as 2007 sumer btw, Since this year i decided that i wanted to be a tiger in real life so ive been geting tattoo'd of stripes so far there only up to my lower arms, and they are Not going on my face. this year for the first time i attended a first ever "con" wich i met lots of new friends and made some realy good ones, i went with milestigerfox, and Rico who are some fabouls people I aslo went with skechkat but she is my parnter who i love. Ive been training at the gym alot this year, have lost 3 stone, and am trying to build a boody every one will go ohh at, I will be attending a lot of london things this year and for a long while

I am a fursuiter, wich i have now One tiger suit, and one on order for 2009 I love skechkat and were partners, she is a semi artist and just getin into the main bit of atz, we have 3 fursuits here, with 4 halffursuit masks ( and paws) One lynx on the way some time, another full suit on the way soon and also a boddy on the way we should be attending london meet oct4th 08 if your there say u read this crap and ill get u a drink :P i dont realy know wat elce to say other than pece out :)