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Here we have a strange and curious combination of an Iberian wolf and a Bengal tiger, a Tiger-wolf. Even more interesting is the fact that this particular one is a female! Quite rare! This strange and perplexing cross-species is as of yet, a mystery in many many ways, but we do know a great deal about this particular specimen, a 5'5" tall female with long dark hair, a beautiful orange-brown coat, large black stripes on her extremities, and blue-green-grey eyes named Vix. It should be noted that calling her a vulpine (with coloring and a name like that, it's quite easy to get the two confused) seems to induce an uncontrollable rage.

Whee! Ratties!

As you can see from this crudely scrawled pictured (compliments of Mocha Mephooki) this indiviual seems to enjoy the company of rodents significantly smaller than her. Upon our last visit we counted four rats of various colors and sizes, and a rabbit that she likely picked out for it's dusty orange coat with black stripeing. There appears to be no obvious reason for the collecting of rats other than companionship...or perhaps as practice for the offspring she will one day bring into this world. This researcher prefers to believe the latter. At present this specimen has made den in the south-east quarter of the state of Michigan... that's in the USA. She is activly involved in the extremly long courting process with a rather attractive wolf with grey-scale coloring. This courtship has been observed many times in our years of studying her, and so far she has not found even one male worthy of mating with her. Further information on this tiger-wolf shall have to be postponed while our research continues.