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Thunder-Equus: A Childhood Lived Long.[edit]

Ever since she was very small, she’s had to fend for herself in world that did not understand her point of view on the world, and encounters with many close-minded people and disgraceful family members has left her with a strong will to live as she pleases, but as well doing her best to show people that differences aren’t the so-called sins that they are dubbed. At the age of 2, Thunder discovered she had a god-given gift for the arts. Drawing, writing, storytelling, and learning about the world around her. Before school was an ever-present reminder of the outside world, she would spend her time covering the surface of the dining room table in pictures, crayons, coloring books, and paper as she further dove into her creative nature. Her mother disapproved, and rather thought she should spend her time learning to read Dr. Seuss books; what momma didn’t know though, is that she had already learned to read before she had ever entered school and this proved useful in future years. She grew rapidly, though not without many warning signs of future turmoil in her life. She was avoided by others, and had trouble making many friends when instead she seemed to stay close to one or two people in particular. As well it worried teachers that when the preschooler would play house with her classmates, she was never to take on the role as the mom, dad, or even baby, but rather was always the dog.

Once she entered kindergarten though, the teachers saw potential immediately. She was writing in cursive (originally taught in 2nd grade), drawing constantly, and seemed to grasp the concepts of the day’s teachings quicker and easier than the other children. Her mother was informed that this one was different than the other 5, and that she’d have a very easy time with this one growing up. Turns out her prediction was on the spot. As she grew, so did her potential, though her interests stayed constant. As a 3rd grader, she was learning and reading at a 7th grade level, and seemed to always capture the teacher’s eye no matter the situation. Until she hit 4th grade, that is. The second day of school, Thunder collapsed mentally. Maybe it was a fever, maybe it was the fear of entering a new grade, but whatever the cause she was never the same. She began to vomit almost uncontrollably, became delirious and screaming with tears cutting over her cheeks. She had to be dragged into the classroom by her mother and teacher, and that one moment probably is what destroyed her reputation as well as her mentality. She developed ADD, severe depression, and a rock-bottom self-esteem for the next 6 years.

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