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Thelight777 ( real name kyle) Is an american furry artiest, he is a first timer with furies and so he is just getting things as they say "your feet wet". He is a nice person who is hardly known to every one in the fur society but really he is a nice person if you know him well enough.He tends to hardly be amused some times (because unlike other artiest he is not a porn lover he is a respectful one) and dose appreciate artist's effort on there work also the accomplishments .


Has the same name ( But prefers to be called light)

Age: immortal

Breed wolf,werewolf,demon and god bread and on ( transformer base is a wolf form)

Real age: Try thinking at least the big bang started but he looks like he is in his 20 or early 30's

Abilities & powers: here is a long line of powers& he holds, in short he is a God.

History: He is a prince of a first kingdom of his father (who is unknown) was his father assess into the higher order, his son will take over for him on his seat.


Swimming,running,drawing,learning new things,music and helping others with there needs.

Foods in furry[edit]

As an immortal furry food or human food is good for him but before he use to drink blood from ether virgins or non virgin women and men. But there is no pain since he relaxes them with his gazing look it also has to be the donors will.

Appetites as human[edit]

Love all food's, his fav is shush.