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A Wolfix fursona (used by the user theevilgood) as drawn by artist Seth Gryphh

The Wolfix (Pronounced: Woolf-ix) is a fantasy animal. It is a cross-breed animal consisting of a phoenix and a wolf. Though the two animals are, in theory, unable to conceive a child, the Phoenix, being a mythological animal in itself, makes a Wolfix non-existant, thus classifying it as a Mythological creature itself.


Though it's exact origin is unknown, it is believed to be a mythological cross-breed thought up by Dakota Lee Gillmore (aka theevilgood) in the year 2006, though this cannot be proven.

Dakota is quoted as saying, "How did I come up with it? Well, I dunno if I was the first, but for me, it was easy when I thought of it. I just have always identified with Wolves and Phoenixes, so, hey, why not combine them to make my fursona." Dakota is a member of the Furry Fandom, and a member of many different forums, including 2 the Ranting Gryphon's Furry Army of Doom forum.


Though, again, the exact origin is unknown, Dakota has used the character to express a sort of inner spirit representation. He has often been shown attaching emotions to the particular sides. He has said that the Phoenix embodies his love, intelligence, hyperactivity, open heartedness, and comfort, fear, doubt, and hope (he is quoted as saying "As a Phoenix rises from the ashes, so shall I." While the Wolf half, he says, respresents his rage, pain, protectiveness, anger, lust, hatred, and closeness to a lover (due to his belief that Wolves mate for life). Over the time, the Wolfix used by Dakota has come to earn the name Kage Kasai (roughly meaning Shadow Flame in japanese)