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Valentino Armonico: Valentino Armonico is a red fox who is 5'9" 125 lbs.His fur colors consist of Black and deep purple. Valentino is a friendly fun-loving furry who likes to have good times and good times with friends as well. He LOVES the arcades, stuffed animals and anything furry or containing the word furry. Valentino has a huge interest in the cosplay aspect of the fandom and is in the process of become an active fursuiter in the furry comunity.


Valentino likes making things and playing at arcades. He also is a bedroom DJ who sometimes does gigs outside his room. Valentino's specialty is light shows and rigging lights.

Internet contributions

Valentino owns a youtube channel where he posts miscellaneous videos of his own projects and soon, Fursuting outings.

  1. YouTube [[1]]

Valentino can be found on face book.

  1. FaceBook [[2]]

He also makes online purchases and reviews too.

  1. account [[3]]