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The Great Milenko, or just Milenko, is male furry living in Sacramento Claifornia. His username is derived from a album by the same name, made by the horror-core music group Insane Clown Posse. Milenko is in fact a juggalo, another really complicated, massive, fandom around one million strong, based upon that music. He is also an artist. Milenko is currently enrolled at Encina Preperatory High School, in Sacramento, California.

His Fursona is a Cheetah with it's typical markings and spots, but there are 3 desticnt spots below the left eye receding horizontally in size. However, there are other aspects of it that can't be described in one sentance.
Carlos is going to join the United States Marine Corps after college as an officer, and this has a major influence on his fursona's appearence. Milenkos Fursona is best Described as a US marine dressed in full Battle Dress Uniform. A list of all items associated with the fursona:
  • PASGT 3 Color Desert Kevlar Helmet
  • Inteceptor Body Armor in 3 Color Desert
  • 3 Color Desert Trousers and Jacket
  • PVS-14 NightOptic (Clip on Night Sight for PASGT helmet)
  • MOLLE POuches and Rucksack
  • M14 EBR 7.62mm Assault Rifle, equiped with
    • AN/PRQ 2A Infared Targetting laser and Illumination
    • ACOG sight
    • front Grip
  • Mark 23 .45 Caliber Pistol, equiped with
    • Visible Laser
    • Silencer