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General Info
Shaft length: 1 foot
Anthro Height is almost always 6' high
Cum tends to be slightly slimy and self-lubing.

My dragon form NSFW version:

− SFW version: with description of "he is 3 feet high at the shoulder and 5 feet long from tailbase to snouttip when on all fours, with a 4-5 foot long tail. he has learned how to awkwardly walk upright giving him a height of 7 & 1/2 feet that way. he has no external bits so except for smell there is no way to tell his gender if he doesn't give it to you. his hands (forepaws) are more anthro-like, having clawed fingers and thumbs instead of the talons one would expect on a pure feral, and have full manipulative capability. he has silvery-white scales despite the fact he is a steel dragon. you can draw him on all fours or on his hind legs or on both (preffered). not sure of any other details besides he has a gold ring on one of his fingers. " Genital reference: and

− My "Dragon"fly form: NSFW SFW

− My birdy Form: only flat-chested and has a thin raptorish shaft

− My snake form: Figure on the right in this marketplace. If one where to look from below this is the genital arangement they would see with my normal shafts, only a gold latex color.

− Alternately for a more kinky version my snake's shafts look like the one the figure in this picture has only in my color scheme and smaller:

− And lastly for my f-list:

− --Teraunce 09:00, 8 May 2014 (EDT) --Teraunce (talk) 05:11, 31 May 2016 (EDT)

Kinky Info
Tends to have the ability to transform others.
Might sometimes be a tentacle monster inside.
Loves being changed and made host to things.