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A Little Bit About Me[edit]

age: 24 height: 5'10' gender: male UK FUR

My Fursona - Telfyr[edit]

You know what, this needed re writing and i couldn't bear to see this anymore, with new changes in life comes fresh starts ! fresh things in the works, so yeah, i was sick and tired of the old me and what it had boiled down to, thats a thing of the past now, resting in the archives.

General appearance[edit]

Gray fox with blue stripes coming from the cheeks, dark brown eyes and flowing red hair :D

Rules of conversation[edit]

For the love of all things decent in this world DO NOT ask me to RP! i hate it and never want to do it again K thanx bye :D and of course i will chat to anyone who is polite and up for making new friends :3 I am both an artist and musician, probably not that good but i try my best =3

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