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Treschic, a.k.a., Tease Dingo, is an albino dingo that sports the jacket-no pants fashion. The character is portrayed as always wearing a TokioHotel jacket, though the creator himself loathes the pop sensation band and jokingly comments on how he had the jacket before the band was even established.


 Treschic did not initially choose the nickname 'Tease'. The name came from the players unintentional 

flirting and crude sexual humor at conventions along the east coast.


Treschic has, apparently, no value of self worth nor image. He constantly looks for a way to be the antagonist of whatever he chooses to be a part of. He has Even been red flagged by Rule 3 by intentionally asking for it. Tease is known for his 'say-anything' attitude in which he expressed quite well at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009. Do you like to have sex with animals? That is always a great prerequisite! Treschic was quoted as replying playfully after a dentist on the same elevator asked what it takes to be a part of the convention. He is a rather friendly and touchy-feely, in person, but online, he is nothing but a troll who will constantly bash 'spiritual' furrys and those of any faith.

Dingo, the artist[edit]

Tease is also an artist, though not known by that name in the artistic community. When working artist alleys and dealers dens at conventions, he goes by the alias 1SP, or, One Sick Pup. He is a self-taught traditional sketch and ink artist, yet finds no value in his own artwork and nine out of ten times will give his artwork away for free. Most of his artwork revolves around gore, emasculation, sergals, and anti-furry.