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About Toryn Tiger[edit]

Toryn's Fursona:Tigger/wolf . He can be found in Second life as Tdawg14 landfall. He became a furry late 2009. If you happen to meet him, he is very friendly. you can see most of his Tigger artwork on his [[FA]]. Toryn has never actually gone to a furry convention before, but really wants to. His first con experience was on a trip to austin in Febuary at a hotel, at the anime con, Ikkicon, id call it a lucky chance other than and experience. After that he had dreams about Furries, then he decided he would join the Furry Fandom. He sees himself as tigger's long lost second brother, If Roo wasn't the only brother Tigger had in winnie the pooh, the tigger movie Tigger's lost family: two tiggers (besides Roo, which doesn't count,cause he is a kangaroo) are members, Toryn Tiger(me, Again Wolf/Tigger)and begger bear(Tigger/bear). what if he wasn't the only one, what if he found a Tigger just like him, a brother he never thought he had..what if he had parents or other brothers? Update:Species: Tigger/Wolf hybrid He is now apart of the Furry fandom, a huge clan of awesome furry friends, and cool people Update:He is a lot like Tigger. he is fun to be around.loves to have fun and sometimes causes mischief.but is sad when he isn't having fun.

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