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Taw Echo (born July 24th) is a Canadian-based digital artist and 3D Modeller, whose fursona is a black and grey Pteropus alecto, which is a black flying fox, a species of bat. Taw has been active in the fandom for a few years, and is a Lead Administrator and Forum Head of Weasyl. He has also attended Vancoufur 2012, his first furry convention, although he has been to a few anime conventions in the past.

Furry Fandom[edit]

Taw became active in the fandom midway through 2009, mainly via IRC chatting, furry game servers and posting art on FurAffinity. Taw purchased a fursuit in 2010 from Temperance and occasionally has worn it around his hometown for fun, such as going to Denny's or random outings with friends or local furs.


Taw mainly specializes in space wallpapers and backgrounds, as well as other forms of digital media, such as photo manipulations and otherwise. He currently attends a school where his main focus is 3D Game Modelling, where he hopes to become a Hard Surface Modeller or an Environment Artist somewhere in Canada. He also used to study cinematography and photography in his spare time.


Taw came across Weasyl in September of 2011 one night, stumbling upon an upload by Kihari. He offered to help in the form of making some designs and images to help spruce up the look of the project before Aden took over in regards to the design. Taw is one of the Lead Administrators of Weasyl and also the Forum Head, where he puts together the functionality and style of the forums and maintains it along with his fellow staff member Eminoxic.


Taw is a black flying fox (bat) from Canada. He is fairly quiet around new people - until he gets to know them. Ironically enough, Taw is a fruit bat, but he is allergic to apples. He is an introvert by nature, but when he is comfortable around people he is more extroverted and more open and playful. Taw is pragmatic, logical and creative. Some people may perceive him as distant or reserved; mainly because of his quiet nature. His personality type falls under INTJ.

In regards to appearance, his fur is black with a grey chest and belly. His wings are attached along down his arms and sides, and unlike only having three fingers and wings, his wings stop at the wrists and has full on paws. He has blue eyes and medium-length black hair. When he smiles his left fang also shows a bit.

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