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Tavi Munk

Tavi Munk is a 2 year old tiger chipmunk cub hybrid. He has a passion for art, yet always the cuddly, playful little rodent that he is.

In appearance he looks like a chipmunk, in addition has the colorations of a tiger, orange fur and dark dark stripes. Though a cub, he's really adventurous, friendly and outgoing, full of energy, and willing to help others without thinking twice about it.

As selfless as he is, Tavi loves affection and is really affectionate, but gets really embarassed when called cute. And quickly let it be known he's 'na cute'.

In the joys of cub fun and adventures, the little munk shares it with his little skunk n mate named Ozzie Kit Skunk. Ozzie is a bit younger than Tavi, though you wouldn't think this when seeing them together, however he is just as adventurous and curious as this little munk counterpart, but will not venture off without the care n comfort of his tiger chipmunk companion.

Tavi - ozzie watchin.jpg

All in all Tavi and Ozzie are very loving and protective of one another. If the munk is around, the skunk is sure to be close by and vice versa, in funtimes and sadtimes, to assure one's happiness and support.

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