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Tango Delta (J. K. Beasley born 1978) is a milfur currently living in Portland, Maine with his mate Daydreaming Crow. His fursona is a Florida panther usually armed with a double barreled 12 gauge shotgun. Tango Delta is also a stand up comic (when he has the time). He discovered the furry fandom while trolling several of it's more 'dubious' members. A noted /b/ and YouTube atheist troll (even once declared the 'King of YouTube Trolls for exposing as dox hunt against YouTube user Thunderf00t by another user by the name of DawahFilms.) His first real contact with the furry fandom was from Cid Silverwing, the two eventually becoming friends over time. Tango Delta was in the United States Marine Corps as an assaultman (0351) from 1998 to 2002. While in the US Marines, he met Daydreaming Crow who was also enlisted as a marine.

Portland Coffee and Fur

Tango Delta and Daydreaming Crow founded the Portland Coffee and Fur Meet in Portland, Maine. The meets are free to attend and are PG with fursuiters welcome. Meetings happen on the last Saturday of the month unless it's a holiday and the location is closed.

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