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Talyn in character: in character Talyn (also known as Talyn Greywolf) is a warm, freindly and very caring wolf who will do anything for those who are his freinds and for those he cares about. however when threatened and stressed or a freind is being attacked in anyway Talyns personality inverts totally from being calm and docile to energetic and agressive. Talyn is mostly represented as a wolfen in very basic tribal clothing, however he has alternate forms dependant on his mood and how he's feeling, his most radical form is that of CyberTal a mecha-wolf feral that is mostly present whenever Talyn is sad or depressed.

Talyn's other characters: Talyns other characters include K'tan an 18 year old coyote who was blinded by a cougar during a raid on her tribes camp that left her an orphan and homeless, Kike a cheetah huntress who takes hassle from noone, Toke and Sambu Cheetah twins who take care of eachother both in the hunt and in everyday life, 2104 a devastating war machine from a wartorn future, Wolfgang a multi-period pirate who exhists in three different timelines and Vespis a shade fox who uses a dimensional jump tool to visit other worlds and steal from them.

Talyn in person: in person Talyn is very shy and reclusive when around people who don't understand him however put him within hugging range of someone he knows and his personality changes to very much that of his character. Talyn is very open with his freinds and is also very sensual wih his closer freinds, he enjoys nothing more then giving folk he knows and likes hugs and though none have experienced it Talyn is very able at massage. as a person Talyn often goes by the name of Ashley Fordham and this has often lead to confusion about his gender. Talyn prides himself on very few things however his two greatest things he has acheived to date are his numerous freinds from all walks of life within the art and furry/therian community some of these people include Lytewings, Swandog, Sayh, Graywolf. his second acheivement is hooking up with his current girlfreind and 'mate' Heather Swan aka Eluned. Talyn is a person of many interests he enjoys his art more then anything else and takes great offense to people who both insult him for his art and those who critique him without due care for his feelings. his other interests include most music, b-movies, videogames and gadgets, tabletop wargaming and travelling. Talyn however has his flaws, those are his guilt complex, his naive nature and his over freindliness. Talyn is also slightly phobic of people due to rumours several years ago regarding his sexuality that lead to bullying that resulted in him hiding indoors, Talyns phobia towards people is slightly worse towards males of Indian/pakistani origin this is due to a mugging nearly 6 years ago that left Talyn terrified of going out and of alleyways and riding the train from town, the phobia's of the train and going out rapidly faded however passing the alleyway is now a constant source of fear and instinctual jumpiness in the area.

Talyn on beleifs: Talyn is very quiet about his own beleifs, his being therian and Atheist. Talyn used to be christian but several traumatic events over the years instead of strengthening him in those beleifs weakened them to the point they couldn't be held onto and he simply set it aside and carried on with his life. Talyn happily listens to the beleifs of others and will very gladly discuss beleif openly, however should someone try to force something of their beleif on him then his selective hearing becomes active or he will simply just go away to find someone else to talk too. the only true faith Talyn has is that in himself and of his freinds.

Talyn on art: Talyn's view on his art is that it is his main way of expression and that it is something he enjoys to no end, Talyn enjoys art trades when they are offered to him however he has had to refuse commissions due to a fear that he may botch the job and end up losing the commission, he mmay try commissions somedays but at the moment he cannot see himself doing it. Talyn also writes on and off and also considers writing an artform that is just as enjoyable as picking up a pencil or a stylus.