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Greetings fellow cybertraveller, I am Talmak!

Formerly a Scifi convention attendee, I had stopped to go to conventions althogether for a long while. Until in 2006, I actually found Morphicon through a friend.

My first immersive experience during that convention allowed me to come to the realisation that I have been part of a family, just never met any of its members until then.

I have participated mostly in the activities of 2 main convention Morphicon in Columbus, Ohio and Anthrofest in Montréal, Quebec, Canada. I am also planning to attend the new convention scheduled for next year in Montréal (called oddly enough What_The_Fur).

Ordained pagan priest, since 2007 I have lent a talon to the famous Morphicon Spirituality Track. Track that I am now overseeing along with the SIGs since 2009. My Panels prominently featured open discussion on Totem Spirits ; Animal guide and self exploration. In 2011 I took over the role of Programning director following in the paw step of my good Friend Savant.

I can also be found on Second Life as Talmak Valencia

Furcode (decode): FAOswmp3acdrsw A- C+++ Dm++ H++ M P++ R T+++ W* Z Sm RLCT*~MC a+ cmn+++ d e+ f+ h+ iwf+++ j* p+ sm+

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