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Tj orca is a well known new orca that has been in the furry fandom for quiet a while. He resides in two different spots at the moment. He resides Naples, FL (Home Town)and Alexandria, VA. Was born in Fort Myers, FL Lee Memorial Hospital January 19, 1989.

Tj started in the fandom back in 1998, when he was first using a computer with internet access. But realize that he was a furry since he was 6 years old. He has been active ever since and still is. Orca doesn't have the experiences in furry art or writing stories. He just likes to collected them and read them.

Tj hasn't been able to go or participate at any conventions due to bad times of job and finical issues. He will probably go to one shortly in the future. But he has been to local and out of town meet ups.

His websites he is part of and if you would like to found out what he is or just to meet him.

Email or instant message him at: (Note I will be changing my emails shortly but I'm not a cougar anymore) tjcougar1 skype