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Tj Bluevulpine is a furry of many interests from Vancouver Island, just off the coast of British Columbia's mainland. He was born the spring of 1988 in Vancouver.

Personal History[edit]

With spending his teen years on the East Coast, he developed his love and respect for the outdoors and natural world that surrounded him. He lived 15km out of a small rural town in the Annapolis Valley where his home was surrounded by forests and wetlands on a long stretch of mountain road. Because the winters were so long, he grew a distaste for them, however the warm days of summer made up for it every year. At first, moving to the country was a hard transition to make. Having a wood furnace didn't help, but he soon learned the value of living rurally. "The hardest thing to get used to was the fact that there was no one around that was my age. I got lonely quite a bit, but I soon learned to appreciate the time to myself."

Spending his summer days out in the woods, paddling one of the many lakes or exploring logging roads on his ATV, he eventually made friends, and with the help of his ATV, getting to them had become much more easy. In the summer of 2005, his family had seen enough of the east coast, and decided that it would be best to move back home to British Columbia. "I can't say that I was thrilled with the idea. I had spent all that time making this place my home, and then they decided to go back. No, I wasn't happy with leaving..."

Having returned to the west coast, he had moved from a town population of 1000 to a town with well over 30,000. As much as he missed home, it didn't take him long to make friends and develop ties to his new home that would keep him there. Having an appreciation for the outdoors he didn't have before, he saw BC as a vast, mountainous wilderness just waiting to be explored. Again he fell in love, only this time with the coastal forests of Vancouver Island and the west coast.

Having graduated in 2006, he now works as a Park Operator at the local Provincial Parks in the area. He hopes to further his work and have a career in Wildlife and Forest Conservation.

Furry History[edit]

Tj was first introduced to furry culture in the summer of 2004 by his best friend. He became very interested when he learned the interests of the average furry where not far from his own. Being a fan of cartooning and animations, as well as role playing and exploring his imagination, he found himself overwhelmed with the idea that people like this could exist in great numbers.

On November 5th, 2004, he joined the furry fandom and began work on his character. During his early years, he felt the need to express himself, and his new ideas, so he began work on a series of sci-fi stories and had intentions of becoming a writer. He also began work into becoming a furry artist. He was eager to make it to his first convention, as for the first few years he had never met another fur. It wasn't until 2007 that he attended his first furmeet down in Victoria. Since then, he has attended many events, including BC FurBQ and the new VI Furs meets in Nanaimo. He has been a patron of Howloween since 2008 and helped create the island based event, Island FurBQ.

Tj still finds himself writing every now and then, and continues with his furry artwork and photography, but his real drive in the furry community is getting out to events and meeting new furs.

The Fursona[edit]

Tj wasn't my first fursona, but both of them were foxes. The first was designed more as a character for my sci-fi stories and roleplays. In 2006 I needed a more down to earth (quite literally) fursona. Thats when I created Tj. A lovable, silly guy who although can be a bit much at times, can also be quite charming and approachable. I designed him as an extension of my personality, with a one major difference. Tj is not a shy person unlike myself, but when I played as Tj, I felt I was much less shy around new people and situations. In a way, he has helped me get over my crippling shyness. Now I consider Tj a part of who I am, and how I live and interact with the world everyday. -Tj Bluevulpine


Here are some recent pictures by Tj Bluevulpine.

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