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Age: 26
Height: 11 foot 2
Weight: About 1050 pounds average.
Species: Anthropomorphic Kaiser Dragon
Nicknames: Teag, Smoke
Occupation: Bouncer
Parents: Garix Kaisero (Father)(whereabouts unknown, presumed deceased)
        Sylpheria Kaisero (Mother) (deceased)
Foster Parents: Guy and Valerie Bryce 
Previous Occupation: Major in Marines
Distinguishing Features: Gold natural markings on the inside of each wing. Believed
to be a family crest of sorts. Also has 2 tattoos on each arm. Flames on each
forearm,  a green cobra wrapped around his left arm and shoulder, a dragon skull and
crossbones with wings between the crossbones and "Death from Above" under it. Also
usually seen with a cigar in his muzzle or hand.
See the article about T'Garwhyn Kaisero. WikiFur User