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    Sya Songbird is a furry that resides in the eastern part of the United States. She was born in Texas and is currently 18 years old. She is the furry daughter of Tau the Lion and the furry sister of his RL son Jynx Darkitten. Songbird is a black and white female tiger and she enjoys role play very much so. She has a thing for both wearwolves and vampires and she wants to work in a blood bank when she gets out on her own. Sya is currently single, and is bisexual. She can  be found on [furnation and fetlife] under the name of SyaSongbird. 
   Sya's role in the community is a writer. She accepts requests for stories, and she does it for free, so she can have practice. All she needs is what is wanted in the story and a little time.