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Here are some tips if you encounter Storm.

  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Try to appear submissive and neutral.
  • Storm can see fear, This is good as it will put you as neutral and not aggressive.
  • If you have been classified as aggressive or enemy by Storm he will most likely try to kill or neutralize you, Due to Storm’s size and muscles he will not move as fast as a normal wolf would. You can use this to gain distance between you and Storm, However his size and strength will make fighting useless.
  • Try to escape to urban or populated and well lighted areas.
  • Avoid dark areas, Such as woods.
  • If Storm has ‘marked’ you as a target showing fear might make Storm turn you back into neutral and stop chasing you, However this might backfire if Storm is mad or aggressive he will become angrier when noticing fear and chase you for a longer period of time and make a bigger effort to catch you.
  • If Storm chases you he will most likely grow tired, Storm is not known for chasing people for a long distance however he might if you have tended really aggressive or his emotions are mixed.
  • Do not try to fight Storm as this is really dangerous and will most likely not succeed, Storm’s size and strength makes him slower that is your advantage.

Upon recognition of Storm, Escape at all costs. Running is most effective.