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Originally a journal I wrote on FA, will be updated soon.

There are problems with staying here. There are problems with moving.

If I take a room full of furries and say to them: "Regardless of userbase, which is the best furry art website?" I would get as many different answers as there are art sites.

I think the best thing for the community is an open protocol. For so many reasons.

Users One of the reasons people tend to stick to this site is that it's ever. so. big. Home to many of the most popular artists, and doubtlessly contains the vast majority of any one person's friends. Move away and you risk losing that. And when you're in a community but can't communicate with people? Well it doesn't work.

But with an open protocol system that wouldn't matter. All the sites using it know how to communicate with each other, so as long as you and your friends or idols are on sites that fall under this umbrella it doesn't matter where you go.

Choice So now that you don't have to worry about that you have way more choice. Want to use a site that has emphasis on clean art? A particular fetish? New talent? Music? No problem, there is unlimited scope. If it doesn't already exist, someone will come up with it.

Competition So with users flowing around more freely between different sites, the competition starts to get more fair. If your site has usability or security issues you will need to put the time and effort into fixing that, or some other site will come and eclipse you.

Security In the horrible event that one particular site gets compromised, at least it won't have the potential to affect as many people as if all data was centralised. And with tighter competition security will be higher on the agenda too.

Redundancy Users no longer have to sign up to multiple sites. Artists no longer have to upload the same artwork multiple times to different places.