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Steven R. Addlesee lives in his hometown of Columbus Georgia. He is a freelance professional comic-book artist and writer with an Associate of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.

Steven was born in Berlin Germany to Ralph and Irene Addlesee. He became a comics fan at the age of three as he drew characters from war comics brought home by his father. He discovered superhero comics at the age of seven.

Through the years, Steven taught himself to write, draw and letter comics. He has over 200 self-produced comics and created about as many characters.

In 1981, Steven began his career in small-press fandom and APAs (Amateur Press Associations). His first published small-press credit was as penciller of an 8-page episode of The Star Slayers #7 by Ultrazine. In the 80's, he contributed to many fanzines as an artist and writer, including Incredible Tales of Adventure and The Collectors' Club Newsletter.

In 1982, Steven began his career in APAs as a member of X-APA with his zine Carcajou. He was a member of several APAs, earning over 125 fan-awards as an artist and writer. He is the first and only two-time three-APA central mailer. In 1989, he was the central mailer of APA-69 Classic, Bodyslam and NYAPA. From 1994 to 1997, he was the central mailer of NYAPA, Shoptalk and X-APA. In 2000, he closed his career in APAs after nineteen years.

Steven has a site in Yahoo! Groups, Friends of Addlesee, which can be reached at

In 1993, Steven achieved his first professional published credit as co-inker of Power Defense #1 by Miller Publishing.

From then to now, Steven has achieved over 70 published credits as an artist, cartoonist, columnist, illustrator, inker, letterer and writer. He has inked over 1,400 pages. His milestones are being Artist Guest-of-Honor at MicroCon 1 in 1991, a finalist in the Favorite Inker category in the 1996 CBG Fan Awards, Artist Guest-of-Honor at the inaugural ZonieCon in 1998 and again in 2000.

Most of Steven's published credits were from Shanda Fantasy Arts. He was the inker of Shanda the Panda, Extinctioners, Atomic Mouse, SFA Spotlight, and other SFA titles. He's the creator and artist of the "Fawn" feature in the New Horizons series and Shanda the Panda #42.

Currently, Steven is the co-inker of the Wandering Trails series published by Ka-Blam Press. Steven's Carc & 'Slide graphic novel WAS published by FurNation Multimedia. The Carc & 'Slide comic series will be out when Steven locates another publisher.