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SteelWings Will clean your screen


SteelWings is a 23 year old New Zealand born furry (or Kiwi as they are otherwise known) who is currently flatting and working part time. An attempted and failed furry artist who focus mainly on commissioning artwork from other much more talented artists like Kadath , Shygirl87 , Caroo , VaniFox and others, while focusing on and attempting to write furry stories in his spare time.

Steel Lives in the South Island of New Zealand, in the same town he was born in, though he has been over Seas to Australia numerous times for holiday or business related trips and has aspirations of world travel and conquest in the near future. SteelWings has done little to warrant mention or merit in a wikifur article thus far with his interactions in the fandom Though he is a proud fan of both the Hypnosis and Anthroid sub-genres of the Furry fandom and is striving to be more involved in each.

Early History and Interactions with the fandom[edit]

SteelWings first became aware of and involved in the furry fandom as a young teenager by reading about them on the Neopets Chat boards, and from there a curiosity that only a google search could cure lead him to an archive of Bliss_Greycloud's art. And from then on he was hooked, befriending the furs on Neopets and questioning them non stop until he learnt enough about the fandom to join it right and proper.

Shortly after leaning neopets due to problems with their administration staff SteelWings found both Fur_affinity and Furcadia where he has existed peacefully and happily ever since

More to come[edit]

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