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Stalker Wolfbreed[edit]


Stalker is a furry musician that has been attending or performing at Con's for many years. His most recent live performance was at Anthrocon 2007. Stalker, being true to his name, remains stealthy and hard to pin down in real life. The best place to catch his performances are in Second Life as he tends to move around in real life quite a bit due to work. His piano rock and singing styles are inspired by the likes of Ben Folds, Billy Joel and other greats though he has no formal training of any kind. He is to date the only piano playing and singing quadruped in the virtual world of Second Life. Rumor has it Stalker has been working on a sci-fi/fantasy furry movie but details are sketchy beyond that.

Stalker is best known for "Stray Dog Blues." A song about the ups and downs of Life of a dog without a home told from the dog's point of view. It can be heard here: Stray Dog Blues

CD's and T-shirts of Stalker Wolfbreed's music can be found at