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Squish-ee is the Fursona of Raven J (Born in 1988) From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She only recently became a fur at the Febuary Vfur meet. Her fursona is a lavender colored Anthro-pony with Hot pink Hair. She is currently Dating Micah a Herm Anthro-Pig girl , the fursona named after himself.

Hobbies and Personal Information[edit]

Squishie Loves video games such as Legend of Zelda and other similar RPGs. She DMs in rotation in 2 different groups, and has a love for animals and furies alike. She attends fur meet ups with vfur and game night with RainRat


Squish is active on Fur Affinity as Squishie, and is open to commissions. She loves to draw and Sculpt. Her main tools being Super Sculpey and paper and pencils.
Furry badge made by Squishie